Course Mediumship and Healing

The paranormal gift is a beautiful thing, working with your 6th sense at the services of yourself and others. Through it, we are allowed to bring healing and support in the broadest sense of the words.

There are several disciplines within the paranormal:

Psychic: Reading the energy of the visible, the living

Mediumship: Communication with deceased and with guides

Paragnost: The Seer, the traveler through time. Providing insight into present, past, and future.

Psychic healing: Healing with your own power

Spirit healing: Healing with the help of guides

Healing as a “paragnost”: Traveling through time, healing in the past, results in healing the future.

In this course we are going to get started with Psychic work and Mediumship:

As a psychic you learn how to read the soul of another person. Through a truly intense connection with someone else, you really learn to understand and see what is going on in their lives. With the help of exercises you learn how to deliver concrete information, support, and insight to others. Holding another’s hand, we help them on their journey and lift them up.

Mediumship is far more than a natural gift or talent. Some of us are aware of being highly sensitive from the early stages of life. This is the base of developing your mediumship. Through exercise and working with your sensitivity, you learn how to use it as a medium.

Through training with each other, you learn the basic techniques to translate information from the soul’s world. A good connection to the spirit allows real information to be accurately transferred to the living. You can be the voice for those who who have lost theirs, the ambassador between two worlds, the healer for the soul, within and without a body, by connecting lovedones beyond the border of life and death.

Personal Development
Personal development is the foundation of mediumship. It is the way the self-conscious learn spirituality. You must know your own soul before you can understand another soul.  Philosophy and psychology are intertwined like a red thread through the course. The greater our knowledge, the more we can do for others.

Other Course Content:
Other topics within the curriculum are: the study of energy, chakras, colors, the base of the geometry, ethics and integrity, programming and deprogramming of crystals and materials, spiritualism, shamanism, the base of the doctrine of mystics, and the Celtic doctrine.

Does Mediumship Fit For You?
We can’t give talent to a person, but we can help you develop your talent.  You can compare it to music. Someone with an ear for music can develop that skill through practice. Mediumship is a passion from within. We learn to be a servant for the soul world. We bring healing for humans, plants and animals. We are the key between the visible and the invisible.

This course is for everyone who experiences a passion and interest for the paranormal and wants to discover if you possess an avenue for mediumship.

About Marisa                                                                                        
In the Netherlands, Marisa Bottenheft is a well-known medium.
She has committed herself to make mediumship more common and better known around the world.
Through practice and quality experiences within the community, we can change the average image about the paranormal and prove its existence.
“There is so much beautiful mediumistic talent. Unfortunately, the most of us learned that it is just fantasy, that it is not allowed to be there and we are fed with fears.

If we realize that there are thousands of souls, longing and waiting for contact with their loved ones, that they are waiting for the right medium and the opportunity, then we may realize that mediums are needed. It’s like parents who go on vacation. The first thing you want to do, when you’ve arrived is to let your kids know that you are safe.”

2002-present: Own medium practice.

2005-present: Founder of Enigma-certification; A quality label for Mediums and Psychics in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany.

2007: Published “Higher Powers”

2009-present: Owner of and teacher at MediumCollege, School of mystical, where many mediums are well educated. From years of experience in the paranormal field, Marisa has developed teaching Tools, to help other people to use their mediumistic talents

2009-presentTaught courses in Belgium, Germany, and France.

2012: Published “The Beauty The Mediumship” (What We Bring Is Healing)

2016-present: Guidance setting up MediumCollege in Belgium.

Course 1 Information:
Dates: Martz 19 th – Martz 22 th, 2020
Time: 10:00am – 4:00pm
Location: Near Lake Elsinor, California USA

Course 2 Information:
Dates: Martz 26 th – Martz 29 th, 2020
Time: 10:00am – 4:00pm
Location: Near Lake Elsinor, California USA

Course Cost:
This course runs $450 per person, including teaching materials, simple lunch, coffee, and tea.

A $250 deposit is due upon registration by bank transfer. The remaining amount should be paid before the first day of the course by bank transfer or can be paid cash on the first day of the course.

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