Course Mediumship and Healing

The paranormal gift is a beautiful well (thing), working with your 6th sense at the services of yourself and others.

We are allowed to bring healing and support in the broadest sense of the word.

  • There are several disciplines within the paranormal, we differentiated;

  • Psychic: Reading the energy of the visible, the livin

  • Mediumship: Communication with deceased and with guides

  • Paragnost: The Seer, the traveler through times. Making insight into present, past and future.

  • Psychic healing; Healing with your own power

  • Spirit healing: Healing with the help of the guides

  • Healing as a “paragnost”: Traveling through time, healing in the past, results in healing the future.

  • In this course we are going to get started with Psychic work and Mediumship.


As a psychic you learn how to read the soul of the other person. Through a truly intense connection with someone else, you really learn to understand and see whats is going on in there lives. With the help of exercises you learn how to deliver concrete information, support and insight to others. We may hold an others hand, help them on their journey and lift them up.


Mediumship is far more than a natural gift or talent. Some of us are aware of being highly sensitive, the intensive sensitivity. This is the base of developing your mediumship. Through exercise and working with your sensitivity, you learn how to use it as a medium.

Through training with each other, you learn the basic techniques to translate thoughtfully information from the souls world. A good connection to the spirit makes that real information

is correctly transferred to the living. You can be the voice for those who doesn’t have no voice anymore, the Ambassador between two worlds, the healer for the souls, within and without a body, by connecting love ones beyond the border of life and death.

Personal development

Personal development is the foundation of mediumship. It is the way of the self-conscious learn of live (spirituality). You have to know your own soul, before you can understand another soul. Philosophy and psychology are intertwined like a red thread through the course. The greater our knowledge, the more we can do for the other.

Content of the course:

Other topics within the curriculum are; the studie of energy, chakra’s, colors, the base of the geometry, , ethics and integrity, programming and deprogramming of crystals and materials, spiritualism, shamanism, the base of the doctrine of mystics and the Celtic doctrine.