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Dear MediumCollege Students

Welcome! Please complete and sign this agreement at regustration. We consider sending this agreement to our e-mail address as signed for agreement. This student’s agreement is valid for the Mediumship and Healing Course from Martz 19 th through Martz 22 th, 2020 and / or the Course from Martz 26 through Martz 29 at Lake Elsinor, California, United States.               

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  • include any information about food allergies or medical conditions

 By signing below, I agree the following terms and conditions:

  1. Reimbursement of funds is only possible if you can prove by a doctor’s statement that you have a long-term illness, whereby you are unable to follow the course. The deposit and any attended classes are deducted from the refundable amount.
  2. In case of unforseeable circumstances, in which the course can not be given, the Medium College reserves the right to move the date in consultation with the students.
  3. If you cannot attend a lesson, we ask you to inform us by text message so we can edit the cirriculum accordingly. (Contact: 0031-647658302)
  4. Through the duration of the course, you can always ask questions about your performance and developments, but not for consults about your personal lif We ask you to make a separate appointment for private questions.
  5. The teaching contents are carefully constructed and prepared. The MediumCollege is not responsible for the experience of emotional damage or disappointment.
  6. If you have dietary restrictions, please let us know. After consultation we will indicate what we can or can’t organize.
  7. The MediumCollege assumes no responsibility for damaged or lost personal property.
  8. The MediumCollege will carefully handle your safety at the location. However, we are not liable for personal injury and/or physical accidents on the location.
  9. A $250 deposit ensures your place at registration. The remainder amount $200 must be payed by a bank transfer before the first day of the course or can be payed cash on the first course day.
  10. Please contact us if there are any problems with the payment obligatio We are open for solutions, but we reserve the right to expel students without consultation.
  11. By signing this agreement (sending it by e-mail) the payment obligation will be interacted, even when you quit or are
  12. All personal data will be for private use only by MediumCollege.


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